The Union Fire Company is located in the village of Crosswicks in Chesterfield Township, Burlington County, New Jersey.  We provide fire protection to Chesterfield Township Fire District 1 and Hamilton Township, Mercer County Fire District 1.  We are the only fire department in the state of New Jersey to serve two municipalities in two different counties.  The Union Fire Company is a private corporation.  We own the firehouse located at 18 New Street in Crosswicks.  The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Chesterfield-Hamilton Township Fire District No. 1 rent a portion of the firehouse to store firefighting equipment.  All of the trucks, tools, and gear are owned by the tax payers of Fire District No. 1.  The fire company owns the building and provides the volunteers.  In addition to volunteer fire fighters the Board of Commissioners also employ 4 full-time fire fighters.  These employees are also emergency medical technicians.  They work Monday through Friday from 7am – 5pm.  You can read more about the district and its employees HERE.

Operating in Burlington County, NJ, the Union Fire Company is Station 261.  We’ve been around since 1822 and are believed to be one of the oldest fire companies in New Jersey.  You can read more about our history HERE.  A lot has changed since 1822 but our mission has remained the same, to protect the life and property of the residents of Crosswicks, Fire District No. 1, and surrounding communities.  Our membership consists volunteer men and women from virtually all professions.  Interested in joining or volunteering?  Head on over to our volunteer info page.