Chesterfield – Hamilton Fire District No. 1


The Union Fire Company is home to the Chesterfield-Hamilton Fire District No. 1. The Fire District is a government entity and by way of property taxes, raises funds for fire protection. Thus, the taxpayers of the district own the fire apparatus, equipment and gear needed for serving the community. Fire District #1 is responsible for maintaining and repairing this equipment, the acquisition of new equipment and the upgrading or modernization of existing equipment. It also covers residual costs of the operation, such as fuel, insurance coverage of fire personnel and equipment and fire hydrant rental. The Fire District also rents space in the fire house from the Union Fire Company to store the apparatus and gear. There are five commissioners, each serving a three-year term and the terms are staggered so that either one or two terms are up for election annually. The fire commissioners and the annual fire district operating budget are voted on by the registered voters residing in Fire District #1. This election is mandated by New Jersey State Law and held the third Saturday of February each year.

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The 2018 Board of Commissioners are:

President – Joe Dubell
Vice President – Joseph Lynch
Secretary – Dana Boyadjan
Treasurer – Marty Galullo
Commissioner – Eric Campbell

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