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Here you will find photos of our Career Staff in action.


1/10/12 MVA

On Tuesday, 1/10/2012 around 9am Stations 261 and 262, along with Squad 269 were dispatched to the intersection of Sykesville Rd and Rt. 537 for a motor vehicle accident. Squad 269 arrived first to report no injuries. Quint 2614 arrived and found a dump truck with front end damage and a flat bed tow truck up the embankment under a telephone pole. The tow truck had wires on top of it that were determined to be telecommunications wires and posed no danger. The tow truck was also leaking fuel from a saddle tank that was contained and plugged on scene. Crews secured the pole, and waited for the wreckers to arrive.

Fire Prevention 2011 - Chesterfield Elementary School

On Friday, September 14th the career staff along with a few of the volunteers and members of station 262 visited the Chesterfield Elementary School for Fire Prevention week. FF Clarke of 261 gave a presentation inside while FF Freda showed the children Quint 2614 and Rescue 2628.

6/22/11 MVA

On Wednesday, 6/22/11, Quint 2614 was dispatched to the area of Rt. 528 and the New Jersey Turnpike. Upon arrival 2614 found a SUV on it roof and a station wagon with heavy front end damage and the driver entrapped on the bridge. 2614\'s crew took patient care of the driver and extricated her from the vehicle. Ambulance 2691 transported the driver of the SUV who crawled out of the trunk on her own, while Bordentown\'s 6094 took the driver of the station wagon. Utility 2618 and Rescue 2628 also responded to the scene.

6/20/11 Public Assist

On Monday, June 20th, a neighbor of the fire house approached the career staff about a snake in her yard. The large snake was scaring her children, and she didn\'t know who to call. FF/EMT William Mills was brave enough to use his hands to remove the snake from the yard and relocate it to the nearby woods.

6/15/11 MVA

On Wednesday, June 15th, Quint 2614 was dispatched to the area of 140 Old York Rd for a Motor Vehicle Accident. Arriving along with Ambulance 2691, the Quint found 2 cars off the road in a field. 2614\'s crew assisted the Chesterfield ambulance with triaging the multiple patients found. One patient was in serious condition and was extricated by 2614\'s (and Utility 2618\'s) crew. Ambulance 2691 transported 5 patients. Ambulance 3394 from Mansfield was called in to transport the 6th.

 6/8/11 Turnpike Car Carrier Fire

On Wednesday, June 8, 2011, Tender 2612 was dispatched to the New Jersey Turnpike in Hamilton Twp to assist with a truck fire. What started as a brake fire on the rear of a car carrier turned into a multi-vehicle fire. Tender 2612 along with tenders from Allentown and East Windsor were called in to assist Robbinsville\'s Engine 40 and Bordentown\'s Engine 3222 with water supply. Hamilton\'s Groveville Engine 19 was also assigned to help out. You can read more from the Trentonian and from East Windsor Patch. Photos by Brian McCarthy, courtesy of East Windsor Patch.

5/31/11 MVA

On Tuesday, May 31, 2011 Quint 2614 was dispatched to the intersection of Hogback Rd and Highbridge Rd for a motor vehicle accident. The two car collision occurred at the entrance to the Garden State Youth Correctional and Receiving Facility. Both patients refused treatment and the cars were turned over to the police for tow.

5/26/11 Extrication Drill with 322

On Thursday May 26, 2011, the career staff drilled with Station 322\'s A shift. FF Palombi of 322 (formerly Lt. of 261) and his father graciously donated their used Chevy Impala for training purposes. Both crews trained on the vehicle using the rescue tools and simulating an extrication through multiple techniques.

5/25/11 New Hydrant Valve Training

On Wednesday, May 25, 2011 the career staff along with some of the volunteers conducted training on the newly purchased Hydrant Assist Valve. The device is placed between the hose and the fire hydrant allowing water to be diverted to another pumper and then routed back to the original truck. With this tool in place, the first arriving engine can hit the hydrant and receive water while waiting for the second due engine. The second due engine traditionally is tasked with water supply. With the Hydrant Assist Valve, the second due engine can connect an intake and a discharge and re-route the water (currently going from the hydrant to the first engine) to go from the hydrant, through the second due\'s pump and back out to the first due engine. This task can be done without disconnecting any hose already in use and without interrupting the water supply... I.E. shutting down the hydrant. The valve is in service on Quint 2614 and Station 261 will be conducting training with surrounding departments soon.

5/13/11 MVA

On Friday, May 13th, Quint 2614 was dispatched to the intersection of Rt. 537 and Sykesville Road for a motor vehicle accident. The initial report indicated that one car was flipped on its side with the driver trapped. The driver exited the car through the sunroof with the help of bystanders. Quint 2614 arrived with EMS and Chief 2620 on scene for assistance. The driver of the overturned car was treated and transported by Squad 269 and the driver of another vehicle involved was transported by Squad 339 from Mansfield Twp. Fire Police had Sykesville Road closed for some time while crews secured the vehicles and the tow companies removed them. Just as the last car was clear, Quint 2614 was dispatched for a call in Bordentown Twp. Photos provided by FF F. Freda and FF B. Dickinson

4/26/11 MVA

On April 26, 2011 Station 261 was dispatched along with Rescue 262 and Squad 269 to a Motor Vehicle Accident along Chesterfield-Arneytown Rd just before the North Hanover border. The vehicle was found to be on it\'s side after hitting a utility pole. The driver was extricated through the windshield of the car by Squad 269 EMT\'s by the order of Ocean County\'s Squad 54. Stations 461/468 and Squad 54 were initially dispatched until it was discovered that the call was actually in Chesterfield Township.

4/11/11 Springfield Fire

On April 11, 2011, Tender Strike Team D was dispatched to a house fire behind the \"Animal Kingdom\" zoo on Jacksonville Rd. in Springfield Township. Engine 2612, (also known as Tender/Pumper 2612) responded as a part of the strike team to supply water to the scene. Due the intensity of the fire and need for water, all of Chesterfield Township\'s tenders were on scene. This includes Station 262\'s 2626 and 2627.

Spatial Awareness Drill

On 3/17/2011 the career staff took advantage of the nice weather and conducted a spatial awareness drill. The drill, led by FF/EMT Clarke, used rolled hose to lead the firefighters around. Crew members wore a zero visibility mask and use their sense of touch to search for the hose. Once found, the had to follow the direction that the coupling was pointing. If followed correctly, the would find the next hose. A road cone signaled the end of the course.

\"Shake and Bake\" Drill

On 3/16/2011, the career staff and a few of the volunteers participated in a \"Shake and Bake\" drill led by FF/EMT William Mills. The drill consisted on donning and doffing PPE including SCBA in a timed manner. Each evolution had an increased difficulty. One such drill consisted of assembling a dismantled SCBA unit with gloves on and a in zero visibility face mask.

SCBA Air Managment Drill

On 3/15/2011, the career staff along with some of the volunteers, conducted an air management drill, led by Lt. Lynch. The drill consisted of a series of tasks throughout an obstacle course to the completed for exactly 15 minutes. At the end of the 15 minutes, a calculation of how much air had been used from the SCBA cylinder was used to determine the firefighter\'s air consumption.

Aerial Operations Drill 3/1/11

On Tuesday, March 1, the career staff along with FF D. Tilton conducted an aerial operations drill on Quint 2614. The drill consisted of an obstacle course in which the operator had to maneuver a bucket of water hanging from the tip of the ladder through. The course was timed and penalties were assessed for spilled water and collisions. FF Mills was the overall winner and was awarded an exemption from his cleaning duties for Wednesday.

SPC Moore Returns Home

US Army SPC Benjamin Moore, a fire fighter and EMT-B with the Hope Humane Hose Company of Bordentown City, and a former member here at the Union Fire Company was killed in action fighting in Afgahnistan for Operation Eduring Freedom on January 12, 2011. He was brought back home on Thursday, January 20, 2011 with a hero\'s welcome. Ben will always be remembered as a kind, caring soul, who helped anyone in need.

Santa\'s Sleigh

Every year on Christmas Eve, the Fire Company holds its annual \"Santa Run\". Due to the increasing amount of Children and Families who come out to great Santa, his method of transportation needed to be updated. In 2010, the Career Staff along with a handful of very talented volunteers put in hours of effort to construct Santa his own firetruck-sleigh from scratch. The sleigh sits atop of the trailer used to transport the hand pumper and features it\'s own working emergency lights, stereo, and Christmas decorations. It is pulled and powered by Utility 2618.

West Street Fire 12/10

On Friday, December 10, 2010, Quint 2614 was requested to a house fire in Bordentown City. Units were dispatched to 51 West St. for a reported dwelling fire shortly after 7am. Upon arrival Chief 6000 found heavy smoke and fire on Side A division 2 of a duplex at 51 West St., and placed “All Companies In Service”. Quint 2614 was one of the first due engines and given orders to lay a 5” supply line from the hydrant and go into service with hand lines. The fire was placed under control in about 2 hours. More information can be read on <a href=\"\"></a> Photos courtesy of Pete Ciarrocca of and Dana Blasberg of 1st Responder News.

Dump Truck Fire 9/09

On Thursday Sept 3, 2009 Station 261 and 262 and Squad 269 were dispatched for an MVA at the intersection of Old York Rd and Rt 545. Engine 2611 arrived on location to find a dump truck fully involved in fire off the road into the woods. Chief 2620 of Chesterfield took command and special requested Engine 3222 from Bordentown. 2611 knocked down most of the fire while 3222 arrived and provided a back up line and help cool some hot spots. The driver of the vehicle was transported by Squad 269 to Capital Health System - Fuld in Trenton with numerous burns. Photos by Fred Freda

Roof Ventilation Drill

On Thursday, August 13th, 2009 the Career Staff along with a few volunteers drilled at one of the \"Aquired Structures\" donated by the NJ Turnpike Authority. The group drilled on cutting open the roof to provide ventilation to the structure. Mechanical and manual means were used. Photos By Marques Fields

 North Hanover Helicopter Landing Zone 8/09

On Monday, August 10th, 2009 Engine 261 was dispatched to Cookstown-New Egypt Road for a Helicopter Landing Zone Assignment in North Hanover Township. Medavac 5 landed without incident and firefighters assisted in loaded the patient on board. The patient suffered from burns all over his body as the result of an electrocution at the nearby JCP&L plant. Photos By Marques Fields

 Safety Stand Down Week

The career staff met up at Station 322 in Bordentown to drill during Safety Stand Down Week. The drill shown here consists of the firefighters wearing a cover over their masks so simulate a smoke filled environment. They are then paired up and placed at different points in the room and told to find each other, find the hose, and find the right way out following the hose. Photos courtesy of Bordentown FMBA 112

Daniels Ave Acquired Structure

Station 261 has been allowed to drill in houses now owned by the NJ Turnpike Authority while they prepare to widen the highway. Crews use the actual homes that were once occupied to conduct search and rescue, fire attack, and survival techniques. Once a date for demolition is set, the firefighters will be able to break windows and doors, and cut the roof open to practice their ventilation skills. Photos by Bordentown FMBA 112

Splash Day 2008

Photos from the Crosswicks\' Splash Day 2008 sponsored by the Union Fire Company.

Church Street Porch Fire

At 1527 hours on April 19, 2008, Station 261 was alerted to a porch fire on Church Street. Also responding to the incident were Groveville\'s Engine 19, Derby\'s Ladder 3225, and Chesterfields\' Engine 2622.

On The job

This gallery contains photos of our Career Staff performing their daily duties.


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