Career Staff


The Fire District employs 4 full time firefighter/EMTs. They work Monday thru Friday 7am to 5pm. Up until 2009, the career staff also manned the township’s ambulance while on duty providing BLS (Basic Life Support) services to those residents in need. While not running emergency calls, the crew maintain all of the district’s equipment and the fire company’s building and grounds. On top of that, the group also conducts daily and weekly training and handles the district’s administrative duties.  The duties include keeping records of all personnel and training, OSHA required safety records, submitting and maintaining the National Incident Fire Reporting System (NFIRS), purchasing and procurement of equipment and supplies, and other various tasks.

All paid employees are required to be NJ Firefighter 1 certified along with a current NJ EMT-B certification, NJ Incident Management Level 1, and a valid NJ Driver’s License. They are also required to maintain their certifications along with attending continuing education classes. Our employees (and a lot of volunteers) go beyond the minimums and are certified in more than just basic firefighting.

The Station 261 Career Staff members are:

FF/EMT-B Fred Freda - Hired Dec 2008

Fred Freda
Hired Dec 2008

FF/EMT-B Dave Raymond - Hired Apr 2012

Dave Raymond
Hired Apr 2012


William Mills
Hired Aug 2014



Drew Tilton
Hired Dec 2013